How to choose the best cat box for multiple cats?

Regional cats

Some cats are more regional than others. Mature males that are not neutered tend to be most regional, especially when the best litter box is involved. Regional cats may be uncomfortable sharing a best litter box with other cats, which can lead to regional disputes—potentially even leading them to pee outside the litter box or spray urine to mark their legionary around the home.

Normally in a multi-cat household there is a powerful, “higher-ranking” cat that is most likely to show aggression toward the yielding, “lower-ranking” cats. If you begin seeing suddenly aggressive behavior from one of your cats after presenting a new feline member to the household, there is a good chance your cat is regional. One of the top criminals of regional cats in a multi-cat household? Shared traditional Best Litter Boxes. Supplying multiple litter boxes can help solve this issue, allowing each cat to have their self-space.

Cleaning Frequency

Generally Cats are fastidious creatures that do not want to use a dirty litter box. And regional cats in particular are more likely to have “accidents”. If they smell other cat’s waste recently left in the litter box. More badly— cat may choose to only urinate once a day instead of 2-3x/day. When it happens, their urine becomes very condensed and with it, red blood cells, mucous plugs or even crystals can become more condensed. This can probably result in signs of either feline idiopathic cystitis or a life-threatening feline urinary obstacle. Obviously scooping and cleaning are most important in a multi-cat household to prevent odors and maintain a hygienic environment. The best litter boxes clean at least once a day and perform a complete change of litter as needed.

Litter preferences

Cats can be picky about the variety of litter they offer; in a multi-cat household, cats may have different litter likes. Test with various litter types to find the one that is supportable to all cats. Some cats may prefer clumping litter, while another’s may prefer non-clumping or silica gel litter box. According to a study done by French animal specialist, cats like to prefer clumping clay cat litter.

The best litter box for multiple cats – solutions

Multiple traditional litter boxes

Having multiple litter box place decrease the likelihood of regional disputes and ensures that all cats have a comfortable place to relieve themselves. So should you have how many litter boxes per cat?

Veterinarians recommend having N+01 number of litter boxes per cat, particularly in a multi-cat household. It means that if you have two cats, the ideal amount of litter boxes is three. Intended place litter boxes throughout the house to provide each cat with easy entry to a box. If your house has multiple levels, place litter boxes on each floor to accommodate cats that may be on dissimilar levels at dissimilar times. As for where to put the litter box, consider placing them in calm, low-traffic places where cats can use them without feeling endangered or disturbed. Mind it that regular maintenance is most important when managing multiple litter box stations. Make sure that all boxes are scooped regularly.  As needed change the litter box completely. It not only promotes good hygiene but also make sure that cats have clean and inviting places to use.

Large litter boxes

Cat’s admiration having ample room to move and turn around in the litter box, particularly if they are a messy cat. Opt for a big cat litter box or XXL litter boxes to solve the place needs of multiple cats.

Larger boxes also help minimize regional disputes and reduce the likelihood of litter being kicked out.

As a general instruction, the litter box should be at least 1.5 times the length of your longest cat to allow ample place for movement, turning around, and digging. For example, if the longest cat is 14 inches, aim for a litter box that is at least 21 inches long.

While a big litter box provides ample place, it’s important to maintain daily cleaning habits.

Scoop the litter regularly and perform a complete litter change daily to make sure a clean and inviting environment. Cats are more likely to use a litter box that is kept clean with lowest odors.

How to find the best self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats

An automatic litter box is undoubtedly one of the best litter box options for multiple cats but which one is truly the better for a multi-cat household? While many self-cleaning litter box blot claim to be multi-cat friendly, that does not mean cat will find it friendly at all. Here are not many criteria’s to keep in mind to find the best multi-cat self-cleaning litter box:

•            Prefer rotational system over rake method: “raking” automatic litter boxes sometime jam or clog. Opt for a sifting rotational process instead.

•            Larger size or wide opening: Too many self-cleaning litter boxes are on the smaller part and that makes cat think twice about using it. While cats don’t generally have a favoritism between covered or uncovered litter boxes, they will choose whichever option is larger.

•            Large waste drawer: Trips to the washroom add up when you’ve got multiple cats so if the waste drawer is too small, you will just end up vacancy the waste drawer as often as you would generally scoop.

•            Multi-cat recognition: While many brands claim to be perfect for multiple cats, not all automatic litter boxes will make the several between one cat or other. However Litter-Robot can rightly separate between two cats and provide insights into each cat’s litter box usage, weight and more.

Litter-Robot is the best self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats

What’s the best litter box for multiple cats? Litter-Robot is self-activating, self-cleaning and suitable for up to four cats—which makes it perfect for multi-cat households!


Choosing the best cat box for multiple cats needs careful consideration of various factors, including size, style, number, location and material. By catering to your cats’ individual requires and preferences, you can create a litter box setup that promotes friendship and happiness among your feline family members.